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12 Reasons To Use A Digital Marketing Agency

In today’s ever-evolving landscape of trends and business opportunities, the need for a reliable and trusted marketing partner has never been greater. 

Here at Lynx19, we understand the challenges which businesses face in reaching their desired audiences in both an effective and cost-efficient way, while also trying to remain competitively priced. 

Digital Marketing agencies serve as the backbone of your marketing journey, providing services such as digital marketing, social media management, website development, search engine optimisation (SEO), content creation, and brand management to help your business reach its full potential. 

Agencies employ experts to create and manage digital campaigns to get your business in-front of the target audience.

Here are 12 reasons why you should consider using a Digital Marketing Agency:


One of the main reasons to use a digital marketing agency to manage your businesses marketing needs is the expertise of the marketing team. 

Many digital marketing agencies have teams of highly skilled professionals, specialising in certain areas of marketing, such as advertising, seo, online PR management, social media management, and web development. 

This expertise is vital when it comes to being effective at marketing, as many of the industry standard tools are difficult to learn and generate results from. 

Fortunately, the use of a digital marketing agency can also help your company to free up any in-house staff you have, as you will not need a team specialised in marketing. This can produce a positive knock-on effect as more internal resources and manpower can be focused towards other areas, such as product development or customer support which in turn improves brand strength and loyalty.

The expertise of a competent digital marketing agency allows your online campaigns to be kept up to date, analysed and refined to ensure you have a competitive edge over others in your industry. Keeping a campaign up to date could be the difference between getting a customer and losing a customer to your competitor. 

Cost Effectiveness

One of the most compelling reasons to consider using a digital marketing agency for your marketing needs is due to their cost-effectiveness. 

When comparing the expenses associated with hiring a ready-to-go marketing agency against the task of building an internal marketing team with multiple salaries and other benefits attached, it is difficult to ignore the substantial savings and headaches which could be avoided. 

Marketing agencies have significant experience handling numerous clients across a wide range of industries, enabling them to offer their services at a lower monthly cost while maintaining a high service level due to their experience. 

In contrast, although an internal marketing team will be solely dedicated to promoting your company they will need more onboarding, processes and procedures set in place, alongside the potential issues of having to rehire should a member of the team leave.

Digital marketing agencies also come equipped with the necessary tools, software, personnel, and established guidelines, which not only saves time but also reduces costs. 

On the other hand, handling your marketing in-house presents its own challenges, such as the need to purchase licences for various tools and cover staff salaries, benefits and pensions etc.

Diverse Skills

Digital Marketing agencies offer a significant advantage through their access to a wide range of diverse skills. They employ professionals who specialise in various aspects of online marketing, creating a well rounded, cohesive team with expertise in a large range of different areas. Typically, Digital Marketing agencies employ:

digital marketing agency

SEO Specialists

Search Engine Optimisation is a critical part of any digital marketing campaign. It allows your businesses website to rank well in search engine results. SEO experts often work closely with web developers to optimise the website’s content, structure, and off-page factors to improve visibility and organic traffic.

Web Developers

Web Developers play an important role in the upkeep and maintenance of your website. Maintaining a user-friendly and responsive website is crucial for customer retention. Web Developers optimise your website’s performance, user experience, and cross-device responsiveness.

Social Media Managers

Social media is an extremely powerful tool for reaching your audience. Agencies often have Social Media Managers who know how to create, manage, and maintain advertising campaigns on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers specialise in the creation of digital content for uses in Branding, Web Design and Social Media.

Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing Agencies typically employ a Marketing Professional to handle the every day running of marketing campaigns. They specialise in areas like Google Ads, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and Social Media advertising.


Scalability is a critical part of any successful company’s marketing campaign, as it ensures the marketing strategies can adapt and evolve in tandem with your business’s growth and changing needs. 

Digital marketing companies such as Lynx19 have a wide range of resources and manpower at their disposal, meaning the project can have an increased or decreased amount of resources depending on the current market situation. 

Scalability allows your business to stay on top of the curve, ensuring your marketing strategy is aligned with your business’s growth trajectory and evolving objectives.


In today’s data-driven world, insights are crucial for keeping your marketing strategies current and relevant. One significant advantage of partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency is their reporting capabilities. 

A report is a structured compilation of data gathered from your marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and website analytics. It presents this data in a user-friendly format that’s easy to read, understand, and remember.

Effective reporting is an essential tool that allows you to effortlessly monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns without the need to constantly chase down information. Many Digital Marketing agencies, like Lynx19, offer monthly reports that include valuable data such as website visit metrics, search engine rankings, and social media insights.

Strategic Approach

In the realm of digital marketing, a strategic approach serves as the essential blueprint for success. This approach commences with the formulation of clear, quantifiable goals and a meticulous understanding of your target audience. It involves in-depth research, encompassing competitor analysis and market trends, to inform the strategy. 

The selection of marketing channels is guided by a judicious assessment of their effectiveness. Crafting a content strategy, executing tactics, and continuously monitoring and adapting the plan ensure a cohesive and agile approach.

In essence, a strategic approach simplifies the complexities of digital marketing into a coherent, streamlined process. It integrates planning, research, execution, and ongoing refinement to attain well-defined objectives while navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape with precision. 

Partnering with a digital marketing agency that employs such an approach positions your business for enduring success and a competitive edge in the online domain.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is the compass that steers successful digital marketing. It’s all about sifting through the heaps of data generated by your online activities to uncover meaningful insights. 

These insights, like understanding consumer behaviour and measuring campaign success, inform your strategies and decisions. Data analysis also helps you segment your audience, ensuring that your content is relevant to specific groups. 

Moreover, it sheds light on your competition and how you stack up against them, guiding you towards a more effective marketing approach. In essence, data analysis is the driving force behind your digital marketing campaigns, helping you fine-tune your efforts for optimum results and an enduring competitive advantage.

Industry Insights

Digital Marketing Agencies often have valuable industry insights that can greatly enhance your businesses marketing strategy. More often than not, these insights stem from their in-depth knowledge of specific sectors and their desired audiences. However, agencies such as Lynx19 do not specialise in specific industries, choosing to focus on providing Digital Marketing services to any business. 

This approach allows Digital Marketing agencies to not restrict their client base, while also gaining a plethora of knowledge about their client’s industries. By working with an agency, you have access to experts who have the knowledge and skills to get your business in front of your target audience. 

Using an agency also allows your business to stay tuned with industry trends and consumer behaviour, as agencies monitor consumer engagement, and create reports to allow you to fully understand. 

By leveraging their industry specific insights, you can adapt swiftly to changes, maintain a competitive edge, and ultimately achieve a more robust digital presence.

Time Efficiency

Hiring a digital marketing agency frees up valuable time for essential business operations and adds a wealth of knowledge. You can zero in on the strategic facets of your business by leaving your digital marketing to experts such as Lynx19

This time-saving technique can result in increased output and more efficient processes. Instead of getting weighed down in the complexities of digital marketing, you may focus your efforts on other essential responsibilities that advance your company. 

You can more efficiently manage your time when you outsource your digital marketing. When your campaigns are managed by experts, you can focus on developing strong customer relationships, improving your product or service, and exploring expansion, knowing that your marketing campaigns are in good hands. 

Access To Tools And Technology

By using a Digital Marketing Agency, your business will be exposed to a wide range of advanced tools and technologies that would otherwise be expensive and require vast amounts of resources to maintain on your own. 

These technologies, which assist in the organisation and maximisation of marketing activities, range from analytics tools to automation software, such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. 

By utilising these resources, your company may stay on the cutting edge of technical innovations and obtain a unique competitive edge in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Additionally, Digital Marketing agencies are skilled with the use of these tools and technologies, allowing them to use them efficiently. They have the know-how to successfully navigate the digital terrain, while using cutting edge technologies to produce outcomes. 

Having access to state-of-the-art tools and knowing how best to use them together guarantees that your marketing tactics are not just creative, but also effectively implemented. 

Creative Resources

A wealth of creative resources, such as talented graphic designers, copywriters, and video producers, are available through digital marketing agencies. Your marketing initiatives can be given new life by this creative team, who can create visually stunning and captivating material that appeals to your target demographic. 

Their knowledge enables you to communicate your brand’s message to consumers in a way that is memorable and intriguing, making a lasting impression.

Additionally, working alongside these imaginative minds gives you access to a variety of skills and viewpoints. 

Their combined artistic abilities and in-depth knowledge of your company’s goals guarantee that your marketing materials are not only visually beautiful but also strategically sound. 

Keeping Up To Date

It is crucial to stay up to date and adaptable to the perpetually evolving landscape of digital marketing. Search engine algorithms, developing technology, and changes in customer behaviour are all closely watched by digital marketing agencies. 

Their constant attention to detail guarantees that your marketing tactics remain current and flexible, giving you a competitive advantage.

You may take advantage of a professional agency’s proactive approach to remaining up to date on the latest advancements by entrusting your digital marketing efforts to them. 

This implies that you can quickly respond to new opportunities and problems and that your campaigns are always in line with the constantly evolving digital scene. 

This adaptable responsiveness protects your online reputation and puts your company in a position to profit from new trends.

So Why Use A Digital Marketing Agency?

In summary, employing a digital marketing agency offers several benefits to companies looking to prosper in the digital era. 

By leaving your digital marketing to the experts, you can save time and fully use the online presence of your brand, enabling your company to expand and thrive in the rapidly changing digital market.

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