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Hosting is an essential part of running any website, as it stores and serves the files to the internet once requested by a client.

Load speeds can make or break a website!

We would all prefer to have a fast loading website rather than a slow one, however, this isn’t just a matter of preference, as it massively affects a site’s success too. Over 80% of website consumers say slow page speeds have impacted their purchasing decisions and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this affects user bounce rates too.

Unfortunately, poor hosting services can take a strong web build and see it’s load time dramatically increase meaning even those sites which are strong suddenly see a large dip in traffic as people won’t hang around for slow loading pages.

At Lynx19, we tried and tested numerous different hosting services, and after years of experimentation we have defined some of the fastest and most secure hosting servers available.

Once paired up with our WordPress performance optimisations, your website will load very quickly, ensuring your customers are not turned but instead impressed by your loading capabilities.

Our hosting also includes a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to allow your customers to access your website as quickly as possible from anywhere on the planet. CDN’s also allow more customers to access your website before it slows down, so you can handle that sudden flow of visits.

So, why settle for sub-standard hosting and being out of pocket?

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