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Why use Social Media Marketing?

Ever improving Social Media platforms means there are a continually increasing number of people immersing themselves into the online world. To give you a better idea of this scope: currently half of the world’s population are on some form of social media. It’s where the newest products are and where the hottest gossip is, so if you’re a brand with something to say or sell, you need to be on social media!

But it’s got to be done well!

Social Media Marketing sees the best results with proper planning and research. Know your target audience. Learn where, when and how they spend their time online. As Social Media specialists, we work hard to monitor how audiences interact with brands, and with the right timing we encourage final conversions with hot, creative and enticing content!

Facebook Management

Facebook is one of the best performing Social Media platforms across all businesses. We have built campaigns to grow Facebook Page Likes, driving more leads and sales. Here are just a few areas the team have worked with – accountants, solicitors, beauty salons, bars, restaurants, parts suppliers, farmers and more…

Twitter Management

Twitter is a very fast moving platform that often requires more input than some of the other social networks. Although some people believe it to be less popular these days we still find that it is great for driving traffic, sales and growing brand awareness through hashtags and regular interactions with people.

Instagram Management

Instagram is becoming the place to be for brands that want to grow their audience, especially engaging a younger audience. Imagery is key with this platform and the use of hashtags done properly is imperative! Let us help grow your instagram followers and create a strong visual story for potential clients.

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is a very important network as it is the most formal and business centered social platform. Building your brand through the use of your personal profile and a company page can provide some excellent results for any business. As with any social platfrom a targeted interaction strategy is key to success.

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