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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Accelerate your business growth with Lynx19’s PPC Management expertise.

In the fast paced digital landscape, PPC advertising can be your ticket to immediate traffic and lead growth. We have a team of PPC experts on hand, meaning your brand’s visibility will be greatly increased in a short period of time.

PPC, when done right, can have a major and positive impact on nearly every business and brand and if you aren’t doing any form of PPC marketing then it is highly likely that you are missing out on valuable traffic and the revenue which accompanies them.

PPC success hinges on precision and strategy, and that’s why we put on our analytical hats, meticulously researching keywords, audience segmentation and competitive landscapes to create campaigns which drive relevant clicks to your website.

Around 80% of internet users see ads through Google’s Display Network daily, and 65% of small B2B companies gain customers this way.

PPC Management

When conducting PPC Management we aim to help you achieve your business and marketing goals. We do this by focusing on brand exposure, hot lead submission, ecommerce conversions and thought leadership.

If you work alongside us in PPC, you can rest at ease knowing that all of your progress will be measurable and trackable.

Campaign statistics are readily available and you will know how your campaigns are performing and what kind of results are being produced for the budget provided…there will be nowhere for poor ad management to hide!

Fortunately, we are confident in the results we generate and that is why we work on a month-by-month basis – meaning if you are not satisfied with ad performance then you can put a halt to them.

So why are you waiting to supercharge your growth?

Join us in harnessing the power of PPC advertising today!