This week in social media seems to have a lot of focus on influencers and the well-being of users. Let’s review the week…

Facebook Expands Access To Brand Collabs Manager, Adds New Insights to Creator Studio

Facebook have recently announced new additions to publisher tools. These include access to Brand Collabs influencer discovery database and new metrics in the dashboard in Creator Studio.

Brand Collabs Manager is a database full of Facebook and Instagram influencers for your business to connect with to arrange partnerships.

Facebook is expanding access to the feature. They explain:

“Today we’re announcing that creators in over 40 countries can now apply for access to Brand Collabs Manager, bringing it in line with Ad Breaks. And we’ll continue expanding in coming months.”

A relevant influencer must meet a certain critreria:

  • At least 1000 followers
  • 15,000 engagements on posts over the last 2 months OR
  • Have 180,000 minutes viewed, or 30,000 1-minute views on videos that are 3 mins longer within the last 2 months.

TikTok Launches ‘Share to TikTok’ to Expand Their Connection to Third-Party Tools

This week TikTok have announced the launch of ‘Share to TikTok’. It will enable third-party apps to integrate directly. This means that users using certain video editing apps will be able to upload directly to TikTok from there.




TikTok have explained the new release:

“This new Share to TikTok feature enriches the content available on TikTok, diversifies the types of videos users can discover, and offers more editing choices for users to explore in addition to TikTok’s built-in creative tools. Most importantly, it gives users multiple avenues to create new original, high-quality content using platforms with exciting creative tools.”

The quality of videos users can upload will improve which will be a great step forward for brands using the app.







Facebook Limits The Number Of Ads A Page Can Run

Facebook says that the limit on the number of ads you can run is to protect your ad spend. Running too many ads at once may impact their performance as the platform doesn’t get enough time to optimise them. Facebook says that only a small number of advertisers will feel the effect of this change and it will start in the middle of next year.

Instagram Bans Filters With ‘Plastic Surgery’ Effect

You may have seen lots of Instagram users using filters that give them the look of having plastic surgery. In a move to protect their vulnerable users, Instagram have banned the filters.

Instagram Plastic Surgery Filters

iStock/Instagram/Sophie Turner

Filters are fun, we all use them every so often. However, it’s great to see that Instagram are thinking and acting responsibly when it comes to the well-being of their users.

Virtual Influencers Are Deemed a Danger To Children

Social media can be a dangerous place for us all but especially the younger generation. There is a new group of social media influencers on the rise. The virtual persona. They look real, they post pictures of themselves with other famous people but there’s one difference. They’re just digital creations constructed by the advertising industry.

These accounts allow brands to tap into the minds of younger people. Critics say they damage well-being and there are a number of campaigns active to put a stop to the trend.

There are virtual influencers with up to 1.6 million followers and they’re even portrayed to have relationships with other influencers. Brands that have used these accounts include Spotify, Absolut Vodka and Fendi.

Lil Mieuela, virtual singer & model created by a company in the US. She has 1.6m followers. [PR]

This limbo between reality and a marketer-created persona could be difficult for children to grasp. These personas are created with the sole purpose of influencing and are driven by data and trends – something that no human could ever maintain.