There have been lots of changes on Social Media this week! Lots going on with iOS13 being released, hello Dark Mode on Instagram! Let’s dive into new Stories features and Pinterest’s new education features for marketers!

Instagram updates Stories Camera. Meet ‘Create’ Mode Which Highlights Creative Options

Over the last few Social Roundups we’ve written there’s been lots of updates from Instagram. Guess what? There’s another. The camera used for Instagram Stories has been updated to a new format. GIF’s, stickers and polls will be easier to find and use. They’ll appear in the main function bar.

New ‘Create’ mode will replace where we’re used to seeing ‘Type’. You’ll be able to find all the tools on offer rather than adding them through stickers etc. It’s not just us that this update could help out. It could give Instagram insights into which features are most used and work out why some aren’t used as much.

Pinterest Launches New ‘Academy’

Does your business use Pinterest? If not, maybe you should consider it. With over 300 million people using the app it’s a great opportunity to shout about your business, especially if your products/services are visual. According to research approx. 90% of people each week use Pinterest to make a decision about a purchase. This is a higher figure than any other social media platform.

As a marketer, Pinterest requires a far different approach than any other platform. To be found and for your business to thrive on Pinterest requires a concerted effort.

This week, Pinterest have launched new courses for marketers in ‘Pinterest Academy’

The courses are designed to help you get to grips with the platform and how to get the most from it. Pinterest say: “[Pinterest Academy is] a free e-learning tool we designed for businesses new to Pinterest. It can help you get started on our unique visual discovery platform, discover the benefits of all our ad products, take advantage of our advanced targeting and other features – and lots more.”

Find out more about Pinterest Academy from Social Media Today

Snpachat Will Make It Easier For Your Guests To Show Off Your Home With ‘Home’ Geofilter

Snapchat has some new filters in the pipeline which could enable you to create free Geofilters which will be tagged to your home location so guests can add them to Snaps…

Tech insider Jane Manchun Wong shared the above image which shows how the option may look if Snapchat releases it. You’ll be able to choose which friends would be able to access your filter. When you’ve enabled the option you’ll see a few simple templates with characters similar to your Bitmoji. You can add text and then apply it to your Home location.

Twitter Is Testing Streaming Real-Time Tweets

Well-known social media expert Matt Navarra shared that Twitter is testing a new option that could let users ‘stream’ Tweets. Basically, timelines would be updated as Tweets happen.

Navarra shared this image which shows us how we’ll be able to enable the option. It will basically be like before the Algorithm changed the flow of tweets on our feed.


Say “Hello” to Instagram Threads

Instagram has announced a brand new individual app ‘Threads’. It’s designed to offer connections with only your closest friends. It boasts quick access to camera and messaging to chat to your nearest and dearest. It’s synced to your ‘close friends’ list on Instagram. You can edit the list in either app.


Status and Auto Status options will automatically set emoji’s as away messages. When you open the app you’ll be greeted with the camera with ‘Camera Shortcuts’ which will show the faces of your pals! When you swipe up you’ll see messages from them.