Welcome! Here’s our 2nd Social Roundup! From Instagram helping creators to late-night browsing made easier, let’s dive in!

Instagram Launches @creators – an account providing tips and tricks for influencers

Instagram is on the rise, it’s everywhere we look and lots of people are migrating towards it. So, for them to maintain these high engagement levels they need to create meaningful relationships with those who keep it going… Influencers.

Their latest initiative does exactly this. @creators account, according to Instagram, will be: “THE place to learn more about what it takes to be a creator from the team at Instagram & the creators who inspire us every day”

They’ll be sharing tips and tricks from Instagram experts and some of the most influential users on the platform.


They’ll also be sharing insights like the above, to allow users to understand how best to grow their following.

Late Night Pinterest Browsing Is Easier Than Ever With New ‘Dark Mode’ for iOS and Android

Tech insiders spotted tests of Dark Mode on Pinterest last month and this week it’s been officially announced.

Pinterest explains: “We hear from many Pinners that Pinterest is how they end their days – by looking at inspirational plans and calming Pins before dozing off (relaxing videos are up 474% and searches for calming phone backgrounds are up 77%). We’ve also heard though, that the white background can be too bright when they’re winding down with recipes, dream travels and latest fashion finds.”

Dark Mode is a frequently requested feature, it’s been used on Twitter as ‘night mode’ for a while now and we don’t think it’ll be long until we see it rolled out across the majority of platforms.

To enable the function on iOS- make sure your app is up to date, go to settings and select ‘Display and Brightness’ then ‘Dark Mode’. Pinterest will follow this by default.

To enable it on Android – you can select dark mode via your Pinterest app settings or your phone settings.

Instagram’s Chief, Adam Mosseri, Gives His Overview On The Vision For The Platform

Adam Mosseri has been the chief of Instagram for a year now and in that year a lot has changed. We’ve seen IGTV and so many other features that it’s hard to envision where they’ll go next. Well, the man himself has shared his vision. The update was shared via Insta Story, of course.

To begin with, Mosseri shared his gratitude for being the man in charge and being in the position to be able to make a difference.

Instagram has over a billion active users. A number which we can only see rising. The cultural impact of the platform is huge meaning the guy behind it is one of the biggest influencers of all. Mr. Mosseri noted that Instagram’s presidential focus is on offering people a space for expression.

The vision, he says, is a more philosophical question than about any particular function. ‘Are we good for people?’ is a question the chief put forward in his series of Instagram stories.

LinkedIn’s New Tools For Targeting in Ads

LinkedIn have managed to accumulate a seriously strong network of professionals. For us as marketers, we see it as a great opportunity to market towards decision-makers in businesses that we want to get in front of. LinkedIn is now offering new features that will enable us to more specifically target those people.

First, audience forecasting tools have grown within the ad creator which means you can see who your ad will reach based on what you select. LinkedIn says: “You can customize the panel to surface specific professional characteristics, like top industries, years of experience, or company sizes for your audience. When combined with contacts you’ve uploaded to Matched Audiences, you can be sure that you’re not only serving ads to the specific prospects you’re trying to reach but that you’ll have the demographic insights to deliver the content and creative mix that will resonate with them.”

They’ve put together a video that fully explains their new ad features:

Instagram Capitalise on Audience Interest With New Launch of Product Launch Reminder Stickers and Tags

eCommerce is becoming a heavier feature on Instagram and we’re seeing more and more brands utilising their many tools. The newest to be tested by the platform is product launch reminders. There will be an option for Stories and in-feed posts. They’ll enable users to set reminders for the launch date of their chosen items, preview the product and make a purchase as soon as it’s available. They’ll be able to do all of this without leaving Instagram.

Here you can see the Product Launch Sticker for Stories. Brands will be able to add these stickers to Stories and users can tap them to set their reminders. A push notification will be sent to their device telling them as soon as the product is released.