After working together for several years and building relationships with each other and clientele the time finally came that we knew we could do something amazing with our skillsets and experience. Our passion for innovative digital marketing which stands out is something that we’ve always had big dreams for. That’s why we’re delighted to be launching our brand-new agency – Lynx19. With a drive to go above and beyond, we focus our skills to produce a world-class experience for all our clients. Customer service, alongside research-driven results, is at the very heart of what we do. At the forefront of Lynx19 is our tailored bespoke SEO and Online Marketing services crafted to fit with each individual clients’ needs. Unlike many bigger agencies, our small and experienced team, all with an agency background, are be able to deliver a truly different experience. To ensure the best possible outcomes, the team members you talk to and build relationships with will be the ones delivering your campaigns.

Founded to go further than we’ve gone before with all aspects of marketing through both our creative and technical skill sets, we are excited to be delivering a quality service for you. As a team, we work collaboratively to bring all our strengths to the table. Lynx19 was born from a genuine love for the digital marketing industry and a drive to constantly learn to ensure we’re at the top of our game.

The team has been developed and trained over several years by Matt Williamson. Well-known both in the UK and USA for his SEO skills, being a regular contributor to the leading SEO community; Moz and being ranked in their top 50 and with over a decade’s experience working both in-house and agency side. Each team member has a specialism with Lauren Bovill heading up Creative, Nick Williamson taking the lead on Operations and Kingsleigh McRoberts driving leads for clients through a multi-channel approach. Further, we are uniquely placed to be working in collaboration with an award-winning business coach who adds value to both our business and in supporting our clients. Lynx19 client D Taylor has echoed this sentiment “The approach to working with clients, not just on behalf of them, to achieve success is second to none and the collaboration with a respected business coach is a testimony to their customer service.”


Matt Williamson, Managing Director commented, “Taking and improving on previous experience as an agency director I am very passionate about going back to my roots and being more hands-on with clients, along with being responsible for further development of the team’s skillset to make a truly agile, dynamic and experienced set of digital marketers. Many agencies claim to have SEO experience, but we are utilising over a decade’s experience of working with other leading experts and helping clients across many industries to increase their search engine rankings. We immerse ourselves in data really pushing our specialism in this area from Local to International SEO.”

As an agency, we are showing clients results that make them stop in their tracks, beyond their wildest dreams of what they wanted for their business. Whether that’s by driving floods of traffic to their website, by increasing their search engine rankings, or by generating so much business that they’re able to expand their own team and grow profits.
We don’t work for you; we work in partnership with you. Each member of our team is invested in your business and wants to see it grow just as much as our own. We don’t bombard you with jargon and we make sure you’re involved in every step.


If you want strong, creative, and results-driven marketing then get in touch with the team today for an excellent return on your business investment.
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